We assist in employment of permanent and temporary employees throughout Poland. Our office is located in Wrocław. We operate in a fully transparent and legal manner. More than 15 companies have put their trust in us!

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Our offer


We are distinguished by our timeliness and reliability. We will be pleased to recruit employees for you. We have a large employee base: manufacturing, cleaning, office, and other specialists

Hiring – temporary work

We take care of the entire hiring process. We deal with all formalities. We guarantee that companies cooperating with us do not incur any additional work.

Certification of work

We make sure that our employees have a legal work permit and legal stay. We inspect the validity of their documents. We observe the changing regulations and are happy to help you understand them better.

Coordinator service

Our coordinators are available at any time, both for companies cooperating with us and for employees, to solve any problem together.

Why trust us?

Many other companies have already trusted us

Employee recruitment

We provide employers with quick recruitment and replacement of employees in every industry. Our strongest side is manufacturing workers as well as cleaning, construction and office workers

Labour cost reduction

We significantly reduce the costs incurred by employers. We offer competitive prices and no hidden additional costs

Employment flexibility

We are flexible as to the form of employment and recruitment of employees, according to the business needs of our clients


We provide accommodation for each of our employees. We have a place for everyone, as we rent many properties with spare spaces


We transport our employees to work, regardless of the location of the plant and the start and end times. Our transport specialist takes care of that


HR and payroll service

We provide HR and payroll services for our employees, we help with the National Labour Inspectorate checks, etc. We take care of all documentation


Legalisation of stay and work

We supervise the legality of stay and work of foreigners. Our team includes specialists devoted to handle documentation related to legal stay and work


Due to the state of the epidemic in force in Poland, we care about the health of our employees. We provide them with disinfectants and masks. We hire companies that disinfect our accommodation places. We measure the body temperature of our employees twice a day. In case they feel unwell, we cooperate with a taxi company that will transport employees to hospital

Accommodation in Baranowice

Accommodation in Baranowice

We rent 4 properties in Baranowice, with over 50 beds

Other locations

Other locations

We have accommodations throughout Wrocław, which is why our employees always get to work on time



We strive to provide our employees with the best living conditions

Rooms for couples

Rooms for couples

We have rooms arranged for couples and families; we accommodate employees so that they feel comfortable

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